Velcro Skate Straps

The single biggest struggle for many of our players has been lacing up skates. While we have all felt that there has to be a better way someone has actually done something about it.

Peterborough Petes Trainer Brian Miller has come up with an idea that has been very beneficial for some members of the Kawartha Komets who cannot tie their own skates. He has designed Velcro straps that can be installed on hockey skates without too much difficulty. They no longer needed help to tie their skates up. This invention could prove beneficial to others who have difficulty tying skates. The Komets have about a half dozen players with them on their skates. The Peterborough Petes love them because they can put their skates on in a flash. They come in different sizes and can be shipped anywhere.

These new Velcro straps are called Option B and you can learn all about them at