Grandravine in Finals for TEAM UP FUND!!

Dear Friends,

We made it to the FINAL TEN.

Of course I’m talking about The Toronto Maple Leafs Team Up Foundation Fund voting for Grandravine Special Program. Thank you all for your help and support in the first round, especially in that last week. Now we need one final push to get us to the top four. Please forward this email to all your friends and be ready to vote each and every day for 10 days starting on Wednesday March 7 at 12 noon. One suggestion to remind you about voting is to set your browser’s home page to And don’t forget about Facebook or Twitter. Let’s use every means possible. Voting ends on Friday March 16. There just one important detail.

YOU HAVE TO REGISTER AGAIN!!  Yes, sorry but voters must sign up again online at to vote in the final round. There will be a verification email sent to each voter prior to them being able to place the first vote.  Supporters can vote once per day, per person, so it’s important they remember their log in information so they can continue to vote.

Thank you all.

Michael Liotta