BIC Citizens in Action

Top row - Michael Salfi, Steve Singh, Ken O’Brien, Charlene St. John, Carmen Hamilton, Pady Boodhoo, Pasqua Chimienti, Kevin Murphy. Bottom row – Joe Rizzuto, Mark Liotta, Mark Rizzuto

We use them everyday. Pens. More to the point – BIC pens. Not to mention shavers and lighters. But like so many other products we rarely have the opportunity to meet the people behind these products. I had that opportunity this past year and I can tell you that they are some of the friendliest, warm-hearted and generous people you can imagine. Every year the staff of BIC Canada on Oakdale Road in Toronto select a charity and then spend the rest of the year raising money for it through various events with help and support of BIC Canada. The Green Team is a fun-loving group of fundraisers at BIC Canada that, through events such as BBQs and Hockey Day, managed to raise almost three thousand dollars for Grandravine Special Program. They are part of the company’s worldwide initiative, BIC Citizens in Action.When you walk into Company Vice-President Kevin Murphy’s office you know right away that hockey is part of the fabric here. The walls are filled with hockey memorabilia from his own hockey days to BIC Canada’s support of Junior Hockey. This enthusiasm for our national pastime is also reflected in the entire staff, including the many new immigrants to our country. Steve Singh will tell you that the only hockey stick he had ever seen before arriving here was a field hockey stick, but he is now as big a Leaf fan as anyone. That enthusiasm is also reflected in their desire to help others. That is why in 2011 they decided to combine both passions to help raise money for our hockey program.

Bic Canada Vice-President Kevin Murphy presents a cheque to Grandravine President Joe Rizzuto

Kevin is the first to tell you how very proud he is of his entire staff. We at Grandravine Special Program are also proud of this wonderful group, not only for the generosity that they have shown us this past year, but also for their ongoing efforts in support of so many other groups in our community.