Team Up Voting – Final Round

The final round of the Team Up Foundation online grant starts Friday  February 22, 2013 and continue to March 8.

If you have already registered to vote at the Team Up site then you are good to go. If you have not registered yet then you  will need to register to vote  Then you can vote once a day every day. The best way to remind yourself to do that is to set the home page on your browser to the following link

Please get your family and friends to vote as well. Promote it on your Facebook Page along with the link above. Use Twitter to remind people. With everyones help we can make this happen. There is one vote per day per email address allowed. However we don’t want to encourage any cheating, such as fake email addresses, etc. If we are going to win this we will do it fairly with all our best efforts. It can also lead to our group being disqualified.