Mister D

This organization  allows players who have special needs – namely, Autism or Down Syndrome challenges – to have a place to call HOME, so that they can express their athleticism – in a non-judgmental way in hockey!

When our son Mr. D. started to have challenges around other players, the Grandravine team stood by him and supported with extra coaching staff ( all volunteers ) to help him overcome this challenge!   We thank them to “roll up their sleeves”, to be there for our son, when he was facing growing pains especially last and this past fall!

Jan-5-Dustin_Puck-In-Goal Our magical moment came – after three years of waiting – our son Mr. D. shot his FIRST Goal in the net 🙂 on January 5th! He finally found shooting pucks in the net are more fun than high sticking!  This brought tears to our eyes as this may seem easy for a guy typically developed, but NOT for a child with autism challenges to finally “get it!”

Our guy finally enjoys some actual ice time between now to April!   This brought his confidence up and he started to have more meaningful conversations with us!  The social skills in team cooperation; tact and emotions control developed within this time is priceless!  This is a part of job readiness skills for our guy and for his peers in the league!

Learning alongside you all to try to build our guy and his peers in the league to be possible contributors in our communities in the near future…

“Do everything in love.” (NIV) 1 Corinthians 16:14…

Have a blessed day,