Grandravine Bowling Party

On and off the ice the Grandravine Tornadoes are always whipping up a storm. And so it was at our annual Bowling Party held this past Saturday, December 18. Over 100 players, coaches and parents took to the lanes at Rexdale Bowlerama, who once again were our gracious hosts.

These Tornadoes showed that they can score on and off the ice too. While some were in perfect form…

others were…

well at least he kept his eye on the ball.

There were perfect scores (All zeroes is a perfect score, right.) as well as some pretty high scores (It’s like golf, no?). Appropriately Joe Rizzuto was calling the shots.

That purse really goes with the Black Hawks Jersey, Joe.

 And then there was the inimitable Frank Parisien showing everyone that he left nothing “behind”.

Where everyone scored big was with the eating part of the festivities. Parents, lead by the always ready and willing Mary Parisien, prepared a delicious pot luck lunch, with plenty for everyone, including second and third helpings. 

The event provided a great oportunity for new members to get aquainted with everyone. And with Christmas and New Years Days falling on Saturdays it was the last chance to be together for three weeks. It was a perfect way to end the year.

If you would like to see more pictures from that day follow the following link.